Polysem.medical gloves protect against viruses


Polysem.medical is Didactic's benchmark brand in the field of protection and main manufacturer and supplier of examination gloves to health and medico-social facilities for 50 years.

As such, Polysem.medical informs you that:

  • all the examination gloves, with this mark, in vinyl in particular, protect you against viruses; the glove creates a mechanical barrier against the penetration of viruses without destroying them, which requires frequent change of gloves.
  • European regulations have evolved considerably to validate this criterion
  • the new standard “EN374-5”, in connection with the new European Regulation Personal Protective Equipment “PPE”, was established by the European committee for standardization “CEN” to specify how to validate the resistance to the penetration of viruses in particular ; now a test on living matter (bacteriophages) must be carried out to validate this point. Which was not the case before.
  • the implementation of this new “PPE” regulation was done in two stages:
    • As long as the test report on living material was not delivered by the organizations it was compulsory to indicate on the packaging “not tested for viruses”
    • As soon as the test report has been issued by the inspection body and the test is compliant, the manufacturer indicates on the packaging: “virus”

Polysem.medical has chosen strict compliance with the regulations

Reason why the packaging changes were made according to a two-step schedule and why the packaging for the same gloves has changed.

We therefore confirm that all of the brand examination gloves Polysem.medical claims the conformity of these products to the two new Regulations: Medical Device 2017/745 EU and Personal Protective Equipment 2016/425 EU, with the highest level of quality desired, i.e. category III of protection concerning the Personal Protection of caregivers.

All Polysem.medical examination gloves (Latex, Vinyl, Soft vinyl, and Nitrile) are Class I Medical Devices and Category III Personal Protective Equipment

Proof is made of protection against viruses by obtaining an official document issued by a European Notified Body available from Didactic on request.

In a very short time, all our boxes will evolve (without any change to the gloves themselves) with the new regulatory notices.

With these new packaging, we also want to simplify the life of users by making it easier to locate materials and sizes.

As an example, here is the evolution of the vinyl glove box to come.